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Aug 16, 2023 #battery charger
MXS 7.0 Car Battery Charger

For car enthusiasts, the relationship with their vehicles goes beyond mere transportation; it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and an indescribable thrill. The roar of the engine, the curves of the road, and the symphony of machinery are all part of the symphony that fuels their soul. To preserve and enhance this experience, the right tools are essential. Among these tools, the CTEK MXS 7.0 emerges as the ultimate charger, a reliable companion that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of what makes a car enthusiast’s heart beat faster.

Powering Up Performance: The AGM Advantage

Modern vehicles, especially high-performance and luxury ones like Aston Martin and Bentley, often feature AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries. These batteries are a leap forward from traditional lead-acid batteries, offering higher performance, longer lifespan, and improved capacity to handle demanding electrical systems. The CTEK MXS 7.0 understands this need and is designed to cater to AGM batteries with precision.

AGM batteries demand a charging solution that delivers consistent, controlled power without damaging delicate components. The MXS 7.0’s microprocessor-controlled charging technology ensures that every ounce of power is harnessed efficiently, providing the necessary voltage and current to AGM batteries without overloading them. This means that whether you own an Aston Martin or a Bentley, the MXS 7.0 ensures that your battery’s performance is always at its peak, delivering the power you need to conquer the road with confidence.

The Start-Stop Revolution: Adapting to Modern Technology

As automotive technology advances, more vehicles are equipped with start-stop systems that enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. These systems, while beneficial for the environment, can put additional strain on the battery. For this reason, manaufactuers tend to fit new technology batteries, such as EFB (enhanced flooded battery) or AGM (absorbent glass mat). These can intruduce new charging challenges. AGM in particular needs a higher charge voltage, which dictates the fitting of upgraded alternators. If you need to charge and AGM battery, a traditional charger won’t output sufficient voltage, so you’ll need a newer intelligent charger with a dedicated AGM mode.

Banishing the Curse of Battery Sulphation

One of the biggest enemies of flooded battery health is sulphation, a natural process where lead sulphate crystals accumulate on the battery plates, reducing its capacity and performance. All batteries suffer from sulphation, but it’s a particular problem for “weekend cars” and other vehicles which are used less frequently.

The MXS 7.0 stands as a sentinel against this curse, incorporating a built-in desulphation process. Every time a battery charge cycle begins, the charger will first test the battery state, then run through a maintenance desulphation process. For older or more heavily sulphated batteries, there’s also a high intensity “RECOND” mode, which will both desulphate more intensively, but also charge using quite an aggresive profile. By doing this, the charger causes stirring of the fluid within the battery, revesing stratification; where the fluid starts to separate into distinct layers of fluid and acid.

The desulphation feature isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a scientifically backed technology that rejuvenates your battery by breaking down these harmful crystals, restoring its capacity and efficiency. With the MXS 7.0’s desulphation mode, your battery can experience a new lease on life, giving you more powerful starts, longer driving range, and a rejuvenated vehicle to enjoy.

The Luxurious Touch: Catering to Aston Martin and Bentley Owners

Owning an Aston Martin or Bentley is a testament to your love for luxury and performance. These high-end vehicles come with unique needs that demand specialized care. The MXS 7.0 (or MXS 10 for dual battery models) understands this, as it is built to cater to the specific requirements of such esteemed automobiles.

From its AGM-compatible charging to the start-stop system support, the MXS 7.0 becomes an integral part of your ownership experience. Imagine waking up to the smooth purr of your Aston Martin, knowing that the MXS 7.0 has kept its battery in optimal condition throughout the night. With the MXS 7.0, you’re not just charging your car; you’re nurturing a legacy of elegance and power.

Beyond Charging: A True Maintainer and Storage Companion

Car enthusiasts often find themselves in situations where their vehicles are not in regular use. Whether it’s the winter months, a business trip, or a vacation, your prized possession might be relegated to storage for a period. Leaving a conventional charger connected to the vehicle can actually prove detrimental. This is where the MXS 7.0 truly shines as a maintainer and storage companion.

The MXS 7.0’s “Float/Pulse” maintenance mode ensures that your battery remains at its peak without overcharging during extended periods of non-use. This feature is especially valuable for those who put their vehicles in storage or leave them unused for an extended period. With the MXS 7.0, you can rest assured that when you return to your vehicle, it will be ready to ignite your passion once again.


The CTEK MXS 7.0 is not just a charger; it’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge technology and the undying passion of car enthusiasts. Its compatibility with AGM batteries, support for start-stop systems, desulphation prowess, and tailored care for luxury vehicles like Aston Martin and Bentley make it a must-have tool in any car enthusiast’s arsenal.

In a world where the roar of engines and the thrill of the road are central to our identities, the MXS 7.0 stands as a guardian of power, performance, and preservation. For those who live for the road, the MXS 7.0 is not just a charger—it’s a pledge to keep the spirit of driving alive, mile after mile, start after start.

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